TechRep Components can supply your manual input signal lights/alarms with its proven metal

box construction control box for up to five lights with flashing options and alarms.

LED type
WSL Continuous light
WSLF Continuous and Flashing light w/audible alarm
  • Size: 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, and 70mm diameter light modules.
  • LED light modules offer maintenance free operation.
  • 115 VAC power adaptor supplied for easy set-up.
  • Durable steel control box 4" x 4" x 2" with heavy duty rocker switches.
  • 12-inch chrome plated pole standard; 1 meter pole optional.
  • Colors available are Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Clear.
  • Modules are interchangeble in some models.
  • WSLF type is for continuous or flashing light mode, with alarm option.
  • Available in wall mount (L-bracket) and desktop configuration (with rubber feet supplied).
  • Contact us at: TechRep Components for application assistance. Telephone: 310-539-9070, or Email:

Application Examples:

  • Workstation process indicator.
  • Office and warehouse employee status indicator light.
  • Cashier and bank teller availability light.
  • Any type of manually operated assembly shop.
  • Retail point of sale checkout positions.
  • Telemarketing/ 911 Call Centers

50mm Dia.Tower Shown Above

Priced at $250.00

Typical WSL Type:

Continuous Light Only:

Model Mount Type Overall Height (mm) Color
WSL-3W-RYG Wall Mount 535 Red/Yellow/Green
WSL-3D-RYG Desk Mount 487 Red/Yellow/Green
WSL-4W-RYGB Wall Mount 565 Red/Yellow/Green/Blue
WSL-4D-RYGB Desk Mount 517 Red/Yellow/Green/Blue
WSL-5W-RYGBC Wall Mount 879 Red/Yellow/Green/Blue/Clear
WSL-5D-RYGBC Desk Mount 829 Red/Yellow/Green/Blue/Clear

Typical WSLF Type:

Continuous or Flashing Light with Audible Light:

Model Mount Type Overall Height (mm) Color
WSLF-3W-RYG Wall Mount 587 Red/Yellow/Green
WSLF-3D-RYG Desk Mount 539 Red/Yellow/Green
WSLF-4W-RYGB Wall Mount 617 Red/Yellow/Green/Blue
WSLF-4D-RYGB Desk Mount 569 Red/Yellow/Green/Blue
WSLF-5W-RYGBC Wall Mount 642 Red/Yellow/Green/Blue/Clear
WSLF-5D-RYGBC Desk Mount 592 Red/Yellow/Green/Blue/Clear