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TechRep Components offers a large selection of motion & control products. 

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Citizen Chiba CA, NV

•  Coreless&BLDC Servomotors(10-36mm)

•  Mini AC Servomotors (17-30mm Dia);

•  Linear Servo Micro Stages (15mm height)

•  Drive Electronics & Gearheads to fit




Copal / Nidec CA, S. NV (AZ)

•  BDC/BLDC Micro Motors

•  Miniature Stepper & Gearmotors

•  Miniature Vibrator Motors

•  High Volume




Buehler Motor CA, AZ, NV

•  Customized Mechatronic Drive Solutions

•  BLDC Water Pumps

•  Seat Actuators for Auto and Aircraft Apps

•  Standard and Custom Gearmotors


PIC Design




PIC Design S. CA & S. NV

•  Precision Gearing, Couplings, Pulleys

•  Belts, Lead Screws

•  Stages & Other Motion Control Hardware

•  Standard & Made to Print Parts



Sanyo Denki = CA, AZ, NV

•  High Performance Brush & Brushless DC Servo Motors

•  Drives and Step Motors

•  Complete Motion Control

•  Solutions for Automation Apps





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Patlite CA, AZ, NV

•  Network, PLC or Manually Operated

•  Machine Status LED Lights/Alarms

•  Towers & Rotating Beacons

•  IP65 and Explosion Proof Options

•  Audible Message Systems

•  LED Enclosure Lighting

RK Rose+Krieger GmbH - Verbindungs- und Positionersysteme



RK Automation CA, AZ, NV

•  E/M Lift Columns & Actuators

•  Assembly Components for Automation

•  Positioning

•  Machine guarding applications










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